Production of packaging

PFI has modern equipment for production of blown PET and injection-molded PE / PP packaging material.

Currently the product assortment includes different forms of bottles. In addition to the existing ones, if the user wishes, other types of bottles and other packaging pieces can be produce.

The facility includes the following features:

  • Machines for blowing PET bottles from preforms
  • Machines for injection molding of: 
    • PP flip top closures for bottles
    • the PP 100 ml cup
    • and the PP caps for cups

Carried out in accordance with the requirements of standard ISO 22000

The production has an adequate number and structure of qualified workers for operating on systems for injection molding and blowing of packaging, including the maintenance.

Business policy of PFI, according to the possibilities, is to follow world trends and to keep up with new technologies in the all areas of production and so in the packaging material. In that sense, particular attention is given not only on technical facilities but also on professional education and training of employees.

The PFI is always ready for innovation and improving quality and packaging design. Our polymer technologists are here, ready to help in the selection and development of various modern and high quality packaging.