Manufacturing, filling and packaging and storage of food products

PFI has the most advanced equipment for manufacturing, filling and packaging of products from the specified range. Also, PFI is always ready for innovations and investment in profitable products.

Production plant, located in the wider Belgrade area, consists of modern built manufacturing facilities. Production is carried out on the latest equipment, from world known manufacturers, with a high degree of process automation with the capabilities of simultaneous filling of different types of products on a large number of filling machine.

According to a quality system, choosing high quality raw materials and implementing the ISO 22000 and IFS, PFI make food products guaranteed and consistent quality.

PFI also produces vegetable juices which are filled in flexible cardboard packaging (Tetra Brick).

Finished products are stored in the most advanced automated warehouse in Serbia and kept in the cooling chambers at temperatures below 8 ° C. Storage capacity is 2 641 pallet places, on five levels. The computer system, integrated into the warehouse, monitors every pallet from entering into the warehouse, through storage, to exit on the desired platforms, using the bar code located on each pallet. Bar code defines all necessary data for a particular product.

The computer system with the help of a special program stores pallet at the exact location in the warehouse. The main parameters for selecting the place in the warehouse are product and shelf life based on the principle FEFO - "First Expired, First Out", i.e., ensuring that every earlier series of produced goods leave the warehouse before the newer.